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Styling & Finishing

SO ONE is a styling & finishing brand, established 1998 from the great experience of the laboratories at SOCO – Società Cosmetici s.p.a.

50 years ago SOCO launched the first ECO-FRIENDLY LACQUER on the market, showing its sensitivity towards innovation.

Today SO ONE is following in the footsteps of its parent company, continuing to lead the way when it comes to style and product development.


Made in Italy

Our country has always been admired and praised for its excellence in the arts. We feel that being Italian in our industry is today – like yesterday – an added value.


Our choices are based on our experience as well as on our traditions, which have rewarded us and for which we have always stood out.


Passion is another cornerstone of our work, helping us, encouraging us, making us better. This is the value that we have most in common with our clients: hairdressers.


Continued research encourages us to continue to remain in line with trends always and to be ready with unique, cutting-edge products.


Our aim is to create excellent products for surprising creations. Our products are the tools of the hairdresser’s trade and, when excellent, they can be a source of inspiration, professional support and income.

Small actions can contribute
to creating big changes.

(Butterfly effect: quotation from the “theory of Chaos”)

The SO One products have just one mission : let hairdressers express their maximum creativity.

Color exalting style is the way the hair styling products, like in the art of painting, enhance the artistic and pure soul of hairdressers.

Con la linea di detergenza vogliamo enfatizzare like in a sculpture , give shape to an idea up to materialize it into a valuable hairdressing piece of work.

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